As performers, our ‘adult responsibilities’ often impede our ability to reach our performing goals. I’ve worked extensively with hundreds of performers from all different backgrounds, and I work diligently to be a trusted, professional teammate for aspiring artists, building acting and logistical goals unique to them. I began coaching because I saw the need among performers to accomplish their goals by way of making a plan. Think of me like a ‘Performance Campaign Manager.’ Acting / Singing / Planning. They must work together; and I always say, if you’re going to spend money now, it should SAVE you money in the long run. I will not let you fail.
— Tyce

Tyce’s coaching centers around three main goals:

Enhancing your vocal and acting skills so you are performing with the most honesty and truth to your material. Acting is the most important element of performance. Hands down. 

Building your song and monologue repertoire with material that fits your unique personality and voice: (i.e. avoiding overdone material, reading new plays, filling out all categories of classic and contemporary rep, finding your keys, and assigning you specialized material from Tyce’s expansive rep catalogue).

Making a PLAN so you are building financial and artistic success. Managing your savings and expenses, whether you are a high schooler planning for college, a college student planning to move to NYC, or a post-grad who's auditioning and working professionally.

FaceTime / Skype Lessons and In-Person NYC. Contact Tyce here or on all social media: @Tyce